Inspiration for the Week

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently” – Henry Ford

The past month has been more frustrating than invigorating for me, because I know that I am not doing great at my job. I love teaching special education, however, if I know that I am not doing an excellent job, then I get frustrated. This can be simple little things, such as not having the right book when I go for guided reading, or not having the right worksheet ready for a kiddo that is working on writing their name. I am the child’s advocate when they are at school, so when I know that I am being a good teacher, but not a great one, I get extremely frustrated. I hold myself to a high standard – one that is far above where I hold my peers and where I think my peers hold myself. But by this standard, I am able to be great. So, this week, being a short one before break and before a big transition into 2017, it is most important to see what I am being good in, what I am excelling in, and how I can be great when I get back from break. Because it is not good enough to be good, but it is my responsibility, to myself and the kids that I serve, to be a great special education teacher.


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